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        The department of Electrical Engineering is established in 1992, with the master program in 1996, and the Ph.D program in 2001. Currently, the department has 20 faculties, 350 undergraduate students, 130 master students, and 15 Ph.D students. The graduates from the department are cordially welcome by the academy and industry and have achieved much success in every area.

        In research, faculties in the department are divided into three major groups, communication and information, control, and electronic group. In curriculum, in addition to the basic courses on electrical engineering, there are five areas of advanced courses; they are 1).communication, 2).information, 3).control and power, 4).electronic circuits, and 5).solid states and electro-optical engineering. A series of experimental courses are designed to furnish the students with salient experimental techniques. For each undergraduate student, to train their ability in solving the problem independently and research cooperation, the course of practice project is obligatory.

        In 2001, the department moves to a new building, which provides sufficient space for research and teaching. In this building, the facilities are new and each laboratory is well equipped. Especially, in 2000, Men Yao Chip center was established with IC design tools, solution package, and video conference equivalent from our distinguished alumnus, Gerald C. Hsu. The teachers are young, well recognized, and full of potential. Currently, the department has cultivated many experts in electrical engineering. The vision is to become a first-class department of the world.