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        In addition to the basic courses on electrical engineering, there are five areas of advanced course. The kernel courses of each area are as follows.

 (1) Communication:

    Signals and systems, Communication system, Digital signal processing, Basic communication experiment, DSP experiment, Wideband communication network, Communication theory, Introduction to wireless communication, Communication project, Signal processing project, Network project.

 (2) Information:

    Programming, Computer architecture, Data structure, Operating system, Microprocessor experiment, Computer network experiment, Computer graphics, Assembly language, Object-oriented language, Microprocessor, Computer network, Introduction to Multimedia, Database, Human-machine interface design, Algorithm design, Information project.

 (3) Control and power:

    Digital control, Automatic control, Modern control, Automatic control experiment, Linear system, Electrical machine, Power electronics, Power system, Electrical machine experiment, Control project, System integration project.

 (4) Electronic circuits:

    Digital IC design, Analog IC design, VLSI design, VLSI design experiment, Digital VLSI design, Analog Communication IC design, System chip design and implementation, Introduction to RF IC, Electronic circuit project, Analog circuit project, VLSI design project.

 (5) Solid states and electro-optical engineering:

    Solid state engineering, Solid-state electronic element, Introduction to solid-state physics, Micro-electronic experiment, VLSI technique, Modern physics, Introduction to electro-optical engineering, electro-optical elements, Microwave project, Microelectronic project.